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harry potter meme [7/10 characters]: Cedric Diggory 

"Remember that and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain, you remember that! And we’ll celebrate a boy who was kind and honest and brave and true right to the very end.”

— Anonymous: What settings do you use for your pixie dust in edits? I've got the brushes but don't know what settings to make them as beautiful as yours! You are my all time favorite editor, every picture you make is absolutely astonishing and has immaculate detail! I'm in love with your work <3

awww that’s so sweet ! thank you so much ! yeah small details are my favorite things to do in my edits, it’s like some little secrets I hide ;) and I really appreciate when people notice them.

hum well I set the size on 1px then I add a layer style > Outer Glow.

 I choose the yellow or green color.

Opacity > 75%

Noise > 0%

Spread >10%

Size > 5 px

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ohpossibilities: I absolutely LOVE the Shatter Me series!! And I really love your edits that's based on those books! Have you heard of the Lux series? The love story between the main characters, Daemon and Katy, is so sweet and intense, I think you would make AMAZING edits of Darling Pan that's based on that series! :D

that’s amazing !!! I’m so glad to hear that AGAIN !!! the SHATTER ME series really deserves to be read ! for me Robbie Kay would be THE perfect Aaron Warner no doubt about it !

No I’ve never heard of the Lux series. I’ve searched on google and apparently it’s only gonna be released in my country on september. That’s why I don’t know it yet.

But I read the synopsis and I’m really curious now. I’m gonna read it for sure !! Thank you for making me discover these books =)

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